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Young Asian child with black hair pulled back in a pony tail playing a gold trumpet at a park. Pacific Symphony's wave logo appears in the lower left corner in magenta with white lettering of " Pacific Symphony, Carl Saint Claire, Music Director " In the upper right corner, text reads " fund a dream " in white lettering with magenta shadow.

Thank you for Funding Dreams!

You are a dream come true. Thank you.

Your dream-making power is a game-changer! Your investment ensures music and dreams will remain woven into the fabric of our Orange County communities for years to come.

Today, you can fund TWICE AS MANY dreams!

Renowned Orange County philanthropist and Pacific Symphony Board Member, Joann Leatherby, will match your gift!

Together, you and Joann can fund up to $100,000. But this match only lasts until June 30, 2022!

I'll help cover the transaction fees


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